Package net.sf.jmatchparser.util

This package and its subpackages contain utility classes useful for parsing.


Class Summary
BinaryExpression An expression that can be used to build or match binary byte arrays.
CachingDownloader A utility class used for downloading files from the Internet for parsing.
ExpectReader A fairly simple reader class, that can "expect" constant text and regular expressions, while still leaving full control to the programmer.
ExpectString A class that can "expect" parts at the start or end of a string, and get/set the remaining part (rest).
LineCountVerifyReader A Reader that reads from a BufferedReader and counts the lines read.
LocationAwareDOMParser A DOM parser that annotates each Node with an approximate line/column number where it was parsed.
MaskedBinaryExpression A BinaryExpression that uses the secondary name "mask" in non-random mode to specify a bit mask that is ANDed with the expression to test.
NumberExpression An expression that matches nonnegative numbers.
PatternCache A static cache for compiled regexp Patterns.
PrefetchDownloader Utility class that makes it easy to download files in the background as they are detected (over slow links) while still doing all of the parsing in a single thread.
RegexQuoter Utility class for quoting regular expressions for matching literal text.
StreamForwarder Utility class for forwarding data from an InputStream to an OutputStream or from a Reader to a Writer.

Exception Summary
ExpectException This exception is thrown when an expectation fails.

Package net.sf.jmatchparser.util Description

This package and its subpackages contain utility classes useful for parsing. They can be used in conjunction with the main jMatchParser template parser, or completely separately.

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