Class JChardetCharsetProvider

  extended by java.nio.charset.spi.CharsetProvider
      extended by net.sf.jmatchparser.util.charset.jchardet.JChardetCharsetProvider

public class JChardetCharsetProvider
extends CharsetProvider

Charset provider that provides a convenience charset that uses jChardet to dynamically detect the charset it uses for decoding.

The name of this charset is "jChardet".

jChardet also supports limiting the character sets detected. This is available via additional charsets "jChardet-JAPANESE", " jChardet-CHINESE", "jChardet-SIMPLIFIED-CHINESE", " jChardet-TRADITIONAL-CHINESE", "jChardet-KOREAN".

This class is loaded automatically via SPI when it is in the class path.

Character sets that can be detected

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Charset charsetForName(String charsetName)
 Iterator<Charset> charsets()
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Constructor Detail


public JChardetCharsetProvider()
Method Detail


public Charset charsetForName(String charsetName)
Specified by:
charsetForName in class CharsetProvider


public Iterator<Charset> charsets()
Specified by:
charsets in class CharsetProvider

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